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Do you want to be creative but don’t know how to get started? 

Are you a team leader who is struggling
to get better engagement from your team members or need to boost morale ? 

Are you tired of feeling MEH with your stick figure drawings and want to learn how to improve your drawing skills?


Our fun workshops are designed to help you learn different ways to express yourself and come up with fresh, new ideas. We offer a variety of workshops to help you get you inspired and creative! 

If you are feeling uninspired maybe you need to Unleash Your Creativity. Find out the importance of creativity in the workplace and which hat you wear in a team setting!

If you are desiring to tap back into your inner artist then maybe you need a Cartooning Doodle WorkshopLearn how to doodle and draw in 90 minutes and get great results!

If you are looking to get guidance on how to create and draw actual caricatures and faces then maybe you need Stick Figures to Faces. A six week online course that helps you get from drawing crooked lines to actual faces that look fab and fine!

Workshops can be customized to your needs to help you with the following:

  • Team Building
  • Class Engagement
  • Boost Morale
  • Getting Inspired with new ideas
  • Drawing specific logos, cities, or a person

So reach out and schedule a free consultation call today!

Our Works


Check out these testimonials from these prominent speakers:

Cartooning & Doodling Class

“Cathy is an excellent teacher and the class was really fun and informative! Thank you!”
Maribeth M.
“The team really enjoyed the event last night and liked how it was a unique event we have never had before. It's definitely something I will look to book again in the future.”
Jessie P.
“This course is absolutely worth it. In less than 2 hours, Cathy gives you the tools and the inspiration to start cartooning and keep doing it. Useful, engaging, fun!”
Francesca N.

Stick Figures to Faces

"Cathy Nolan is a gifted instructor. She carefully builds from class to class so there is experiential growth. Her supporting pdfs are very helpful, allowing one to review and retry. This class was well thought out and presented. I learned and improved more than I would have expected within the time period. Well worth it!"
Mary L.
"I thought Cathy did a great job with this course. It was interesting, well thought out and comprehensive. Very enjoyable."
Harry Agress
"Cathy is a great artist and a wonderful and warm person and teacher. She's very helpful and kind and we need more people like Cathy to make the world a better place ❤️"
Alex Wind
“I really loved Stick Figures to Faces. It helped me push beyond realistic drawing and move into cartoon & caricature. This is helping me loosen-up when drawing. This course is well-paced and organized, with great handouts and fun exercises to do both during and after each lesson."
Karen P

Unleash Your Creativity

“This workshop was so fun and interactive. I did not realize what “hat” I wore and it was very helpful to me and my colleagues on how we can better work together!”
Samantha J
“Cathy helped us to think outside of the box and how to trust our own creative ideas and implement them without fear of judgment. Highly recommended!”
Lisa T