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Cathy Nolan Art

Cathy Nolan Art is a small boutique agency that helps create unique fun experiences to events and conferences through illustrations, caricatures and graphic note taking.

Whether it is a corporate event, conference, summit, sales meeting or a retreat, Cathy Nolan Art can illustrate attendees or the content being presented. While every event is customized to suit each client’s needs, they all have one thing in common- a fun, professional experience that exceeds expectations. Booking your event with Cathy Nolan Art means providing great value and gifts for your clients.

Here are several ways on how I can help you and your business

Speaker Gifts

Thank your speakers with a gift of a drawing of themselves and logo for them to enjoy and remember

Graphic Sketch Notes

Illustrate your content and speech in real time and gift your attendees a PDF file of your talk


Take a workshop to learn about business, getting creative and how to bring back the FUN into your business environment.

Parties & Events

Hire our team to come out and draw your colleagues and friends at your upcoming party or event