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Graphic Sketch Notes

Let’s face it. Meetings can be BORING and DULL and MEH.

Sometimes you feel zoomed out or maybe you are sick and tired of blah blah blah meetings with no results, solutions or engagement from your team

Introducing Graphic Sketch Notes

Graphic sketch notes offer your company and team a comprehensive and fun unique experience where you speak your thoughts and ideas and it is visually drawn out by an artist. Graphic sketch note recordings not only help  promote comprehension , they can also have a powerful impact on memory for your audience.   Research has discovered that when content is presented visually, people have an easier time drawing connections between ideas, leading to more and better ideas .


The brain remembers visual imagery by 80% and words by 10%. While visual imagery is easier to absorb and digest, speaking words can be more abstract and complex, therefore much more challenging for the brain to process the content. Wouldn’t you want your audience to remember your valuable content more by 40%? The importance of graphic note sketches can also bring value to your presentation, speech or talk.

We offer a variety of solutions to help present your meeting or presentation whether it is illustrating graphic sketch notes on a huge whiteboard in the boardroom, during a zoom presentation or for a conference big or small. So, stop your meetings from being boring and people snoring to inspired team members adoring and excitedly soaring!
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Check out these testimonials from these prominent speakers:

“Cathy has provided graphic facilitation for 3 of my Women's Leadership workshops. As a presenter, it's important to me that my audience gets real value each and every time I present. Having Cathy providing a real time, visually stimulating and entertaining 'record' of the workshop is an incredible bonus. It helps keep audience members engaged and provides me with a visual summary as we move through the event. Cathy's graphic facilitation has added real depth to the topics at my workshops and I would have no hesitation in recommending her. “
Rebecca Maxwell, Perception Insights
“Surprise and delight! Cathy Nolan was the graphic illustrator for a goal-setting workshop I gave in partnership with WeWork and Asentiv. Her talents added a dynamic and visual facet to my presentation. So much better than my fiddling around with PowerPoint! Cathy was truly professional--taking time to explore the highlights I wanted to convey, as well as the important takeaways for the audience. Having her visual recap of my spoken presentation ensured that attendees got the lessons on multiple levels. A real collaborator. Don't hold an event without her!”
Nina L. Kaufman, Esq.
“Cathy produced beautiful cartoons for the Women's Education Project, Beyond Border's Forum that grasped the energy and importance of our work in lively colorful cartoons. I have seen Cathy live draw other events - her illustrations are excellent, she clearly loves her work and is always fun to work with. I highly recommend Cathy! “
Zoe Thimmes, Founder of Women’s Education Project