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We bring the FUN to your events

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Tired of boring zoom presentations?
Does your team need inspiration?
Feel like you are in a creative rut?
Unsure of what to give your clients?
Here are several ways on how I can help you and your business


Thank your speakers with a gift of a drawing of themselves and logo
for them to enjoy and remember


Illustrate your content and speech in real time and gift your attendees a PDF file of your talk


Take a workshop to learn about business, getting creative and how to bring back the FUN into your business environment.


Hire our team to come out and draw your colleagues and friends at your upcoming party or event

Why Choose Us

Benefit 1

Excellent quality artwork and services with the utmost professionalism

Benefit 2

Experience joy and FUN while working with us to acheive your goals

Benefit 3

You will never have to second guess your creativity after taking a course with us

Benefit 4

You will FEEL inspired, empowered and excited about your relationships with others and yourself

Cathy Nolan Art is a small boutique agency that helps create unique fun experiences to events and conferences through illustrations, caricatures and graphic note taking. Whether it is a corporate event, conference, summit, sales meeting or a retreat, Cathy Nolan Art can illustrate attendees or the content being presented. While every event is customized to suit each client’s needs, they all have one thing in common- a fun, professional experience that exceeds expectations. Booking your event with Cathy Nolan Art means providing great value and gifts for your clients.

Client Testimonials

" I reached out to Cathy to draw custom caricatures on Maker’s Mark labels for a testicular cancer fundraiser. Cathy was quick to answer any emails I sent her way before the event which made planning quick and easy. During the event, it was clear to me and the venue that she wasn’t there to just draw, but to entertain! Her work came out amazing and she was quick to attend to any attendee looking to get involved. I will absolutely be using Cathy again for future events."
Jake Sirico, Beam Suntory
“Cathy puts a smile on the faces of people attending events. Whether it’s business conferences, fundraisers, or birthday parties, her creative spin with caricature art always delights. She’s an excellent addition to entertainment that connects people and recently helped me with thank-you gifts for authors who participated in an online campaign with me. They all loved it!"
Sally Hendrick, Shout Your Cause
"Cathy and I worked together on a strategic planning project. Cathy's graphic skill and professionalism brought much to the project. While the history of the organization was being recounted, she captured it accurately and with great creativity. Those in the audience were thrilled. Cathy is fun, easy to work with, creative, and professional."
Stacey French Reynolds, Anchor Advisors


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