Trends for 2012

So, do you have a great art idea?

While you want to stay with your unique artistic style, being up to date with what’s going on in the market place in regards to color, fashion, home decor (aka Trends!) will help you incorporate that great idea into a marketable, valuable piece of artwork that manufacturers will want to buy.

So, today at SURTEX there was panel of industry experts who gave their insight as to what trends are to come for 2012.

Most trends start on the runway from fashion and usually France is ahead two years from the USA. French home decor magazines like Maison Francaise and Elle Decoration are best references to get trending ideas. However, what may be trending in France does not mean it’s trending in Italy at the same time therefore it’s key to be aware of what’s trending in your surrounding area.

Where do you get good trend info from?
Go out to the market, speciality shops, visit, walk gift and home trade shows, and constantly see what’s out there selling. There is also the Color Association of the United States that shows color trends in home decor from fabric and paint manufacturers. So, look them up as well. Since these manufacturers are buying your art, you may want to ask them how your art art can help take their business to the next level.

Both color trends and themes are important – in a nutshell, here’s what’s to come for 2012:

Neutral beige tones in home decor, browns in fashion this fall with an accent of bright colors
Different shades of blues and greens on the color spectrum, honeysuckle, demin, marigold and spicy colors and bit of hot pink, red but maybe not too much – just to accentuate the design

Vintage is hot but it’ll be evolved to vintage with a twist of modern, hip, cool, edgy design
Eiffel towers, global baazar, word inspired artwork, connection and real feelings during these difficult economic times. Instead of drawing one coffee cup, draw two because it’s “connecting”

Long skinny ladies walking their poodles! Owls! Anything Sex and the City or indulgent

I hope this all helps – trust me, I’m no expert! But hope this inspires all of you artists to stick with your style, throw in some change of color and content and make it happen! $$$