Smashing the Plateau

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting David Shriner-Cahn, host of Smashing the Plateau and Co-Founder of the BestNetwork, which guides expertise-driven solopreneur business owners to save time and make more money. He helps entrepreneurs build consistent, stable, recurring revenue through coaching. We met at the NAWBO Small Business Bootcamp where we talked about the benefits of having a graphic facilitator at a conference or event.

Tune in HERE at minute 17:13 to hear how I help presenters and event planners like YOU stand out and shine with your amazing content and presentation in a fun unique way. Other great women entrepreneurs here who share their wisdom on great topics as well such as:
The importance of branding
How to build your community
How to capitalize your unique value
How to own your voice
The benefits of networking with like-minded people
The benefits of having a niche target market
And so much more!

Listen here to some golden words of wisdom from women entrepreneurs from NAWBO Small Business Bootcamp event held a few months ago. Interviewer David Shriner-Cahn interviews me on the importance of visual recordings at conferences and events along with other key takeaways to help your small business stand out and shine. Tune here below!