So, I safely arrived to Asia this week and am loving the sunshine here and the weather! It is FAB!
I’m doing some chalkboard design work at my friend’s sandwich shop called MADISON DELI. While I won’t be able to fit a caricature on the chalkboard I will be recreating the whole board. There are lots of great sandwiches to chose from. So, if you are traveling to Singapore and missing those good ol’ New York style deli sandwiches, this is the place to be! @madisondeli on twitter

Doing a chalkboard design is NOT easy – you need to measure everything out, be sure that the writing can be clear and easy to read from a distance and then also a lot depends on the chalkboard itself. If you make a mistake clearly you need to wipe the board down, wait for it to dry and then try again. The small breakfast board took me about a half an hour but the larger board with the coffees took me about two hours. I have yet to do the third one but will try to squeeze that into my schedule here.

I’m off to try a Singapore Sling at The Raffles Hotel -it’skind of like a Long Island Iced Tea – a good way to end a hard days work!