Periscope Summit Live San Francisco ReCap!

Periscope is one of my favorite live stream apps and I was thrilled to attend the recent Periscope Summit Live conference in San Francisco, California a few weeks ago.

The absolute highlight for me was meeting the CEO Kayvon Beykpour and his Periscope Team and give them my artwork framed for their office! They LOVED it!

Throughout the four days there were various panels from how to gain more followers, use Periscope for your small business and how to become a better storyteller.

Everyone who periscopes at the moment is still in the very early stages of how this app will be affecting brands and their businesses so it’s still not too late to download the app and as my friend Chocolate Johnny would say, “START THE BROADCAST BUTTON!”   I met some amazing Periscopers and had so much fun learning, scoping connecting and building great relationships.

The top five things that I learned from Periscope Summit Live were the following:

  1. Follow your Bliss and share your passion with others. Someone will be needing to hear your story and your passion will shine through as you share with others your gifts. Your story matters.
  2. Walk the talk and know what you are talking about. This will add credibility to your scopes and attract the right audience for you.
  3. Connect with your followers and ENGAGE with them. Ask them questions, where they are from and what they scope about. Treat them like friends and family and support them scoping as well
  4. Tell stories on your Periscopes about how you got into your business, why you do what you do, and who you are. People relate more to storytelling than being lectured to!
  5. Build your Periscope community by creating a #hashtag so that folks can find you once you go up live. This will help your branding strategy.

The Periscope team were present to answer questions and it was wonderful meeting them all. I was able to give a great talk about how to have FUN and be creative on your Periscopes with The PeriGirls.

You can download the FREE eBook HERE to gain more ideas and start having some FUN on your scopes!

The next SummitLive event will be in San Francisco, CA February 2017. Get tickets HERE

Now, Can you find me in this photo? 🙂