MazelTov to Lyla Tov Monsters!

So, a few weeks ago I was able to get into NYC’s TOY FAIR and it was great fun to see all the new toys and products out for 2012. One of my colleagues from my old Scholastic days is Eric Black. Eric and his wife Erin have a daughter Lyla who is five years old who is already in big business!  Lyla Tov Monsters were designed by little Lyla to be protectors and help other children get a good night’s sleep. Each Lyla Tov monster is one of a kind and unique because they are each handcrafted by Lyla and her family here in New York City.  I loved how each monster was hand made and had brilliant colors and they were so soft and cuddly! Eric and Erin had a great response. Want a monster for your child or for yourself? Then please go and check out 

Now, any suggestions on what I should name my monster? 
      This is my monster that protects my art studio                  
Eric and Erin Black at Toy Fair 

Lyla, the creator of Lyla Tov Monsters