Latin2Latin Love

A few years ago I worked with Arminda (Mindy) Figueroa while I was an employee at Scholastic Media. Mindy has a fiesty fun energy and such a wonderful “can do” attitude. Well, years later she is now the CEO of Latin2Latin Marketing and runs this agency in NYC and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I was hired to do a caricature of Mindy to celebrate her birthday and 5th anniversary of her success. Check out after you read about my artistic process.

Taking the theme of “The Little Engine that Could” I sketched some ideas to the client and they approved this one. Here is my concept sketch:

Approved concept sketch

The most challenging part for me in this art process is the actual sketching of the layout to make sure all the components in the composition “fit” on the page properly.  Here is the sketch of my layout:

Sketched layout

Afterwards, I always start with coloring the background, usually with pastel and then the face. These are the two most challenging parts of the artwork that I usually like to get done first. I start with pastel flesh tones and then to develop the softness and add detailed features, blend in with color pencils.

                                                 Final Artwork

What do you think of this process? For any caricature needs just email
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