How drawing can help you keep your Mental Sanity during COVID-19

May is mental health awareness month.

You have been stuck at home now since March. Perhaps right now you are feeling the cabin fever big time. Wearing a mask feels uncomfortable but it’s the new norm for now. Grocery shopping takes much longer now because besides the social distancing you end up spending another 30 minutes wiping down the items you just bought at the store before entering your home.

This pandemic can certainly take a toll on one’s mental health. This new norm and period of uncertainty can certainly cause anxiety and great worry. So what can you do for yourself to help you keep your mental sanity in check?

Start drawing.


Start drawing or as I like to call it – doodling.

When you give yourself permission to just draw as little as twenty minutes a day – doing random scribbles or doodling can help relax your mind and be focused on the present moment. There has been a lot of research based on this study and according to The Journal of American Art Therapy Association . Their research report found that just 45 minutes of creating artwork – drawing or painting – even if you feel you don’t have great drawing skills can really lessen your cortisol levels.


Well, the act of drawing / doodling forces your mind to focus on something else and not on your worries.. As you concentrate on drawing and on the lines you are creating, the act of drawing becomes like an act of meditation. Your mind goes elsewhere and helps calm the stress levels within you.

Art can also help you express your feelings that may be difficult to put into words. When you put the pencil to a sheet of paper it is like welcoming a blank canvas to not only help you express your thoughts but to also create your own visual language to showcase and help others understand what is going on within your inner being. Even if you have no idea on how to draw, I do teach adults on how to conquer their fears of drawing and help them enjoy the process of creating something out of their own hands by understanding the basics of drawing.

If you don’t have a clue on where to get started on drawing or need a few lessons on how then sign up for my DOODLE CHALLENGE HERE.

When was the last time you took a sheet of paper and just scribbled, drew circles and a few thick lines? Try it. Then create something out of those images into something that is unique, fun and expresses your feelings to help you cope with whatever you are dealing with at the moment.

Need help? Then be sure to sign up and I will be happy to nurture and guide you along the way. We are all in this pandemic together and I’m here for you! Click HERE to join me!