Growing your business is like a growing a GARDEN

Running a business is very much like gardening.

You have a GREAT IDEA ! Now it needs to GROW.

You plant the seeds –

Set up a foundation

Define your core values and mission beliefs

Define your ideal client

What is their pain point?

How can your business help?

Nurture those seeds –

Research on your market

Set up a system to gain an audience / new clients

Are you nurturing your network?

What nourishment are you doing for your business?

Watering those seeds –

What is your business “thirsty” for?

A new strategy?

Marketing campaign?

A community of fans?

Prune the stuff that is not working –

What “weeds” need to be pulled from your business?

Do you need to hire help? Delegate to a VA?

Rid the parts that are not enabling your business to blossom

Celebrate your wins along the way!

What can you celebrate in your business today?

Did you land a new deal?

Gain a new client?

Launched a program or course?

Referred a few folks to help one another out?

Running a business will take time to grow just like a garden. May your business bloom and grow!