Get Your Ducks in a Row

Spring is here which means April Showers – and lots of rubber duckies! I’m currently working on some sketches to help my client out for her book. She runs a company called Duckies In A Row
and it’s about getting your goals in gear and organised. My friend thinks this one duck looks like Glenn Beck – can you pick out which one? In any case, here are a few suggestions to get your ducks in a row:

1. Get a clear vision on what you want
2. Understand your values, purpose and mission
3. Understand and embrace your essence – Be who you really are
4. Get a master plan organised by having the right people join your team
5. Master your mind – clear out negative thinking and embrace the positive

I’m the first to admit I’m quacked and have a lot to work on within myself. Hopefully these guidelines will at least get you inspired and get your ducks in a row! Have FUN with the process!