Wow! What a crazy week it has been for me. Are you still recovering from last week’s presidential election? I am too! I drew for ABC NEWS non-stop having so much fun interviewing folks on who they voted for and why. That included women for Trump, Texans for Hillary and even one Gary Johnson voter! I did not get home until about 4AM and was happy that the election is over.  Many of you are upset, sad and in disbelief that Donald Trump won. I hear you and understand your pain. However, let’s see if America can rise up to the hateful rhetoric, the hurtful comments and reach across to the other side to seek and understand one another. How can we “Make America Empathetic Again?” What can YOU do TODAY with kindness to someone and make their day a bit brighter? We may not be able to change folks who chose to display bigoted, ignorant behavior. However if we choose to diffuse such harshness and bitterness and start a dialogue with one another maybe that will start the path to healing in this country.  I thank ABC NEWS for having me illustrate for them and hope we can all heal from this turbulent, crazy election year and move on. Be sure to sign up for Sheryl Crow’s #MakeItShort petition as well here:


Producers Matthew Wargo, me and David Miller


Warming up in the mini-Oval Office with Wishpoints CEO Grace Lee


My ONE and ONLY Gary Johnson supporter!


Retired NY Giants football player and media personality Michael Strahan


Drawing an old dear friend who came in from Singapore, Natalie VanderVorst


Interviewing folks live online for ABC NEWS