Caricature Art using Markers by TOMBOW

I love drawing caricatures and especially using my favorite dual brush pens designed by TOMBOW.
I wanted to share with you all my latest piece of artwork and show you the step by step process I used to get this great final look from black and white line art.


1. A simple black and white caricature with using TOMBOW’s # N15 Black

2. Fill in the flesh tones with TOMBOW’s #851

3. Shade in for depth using a darker flesh tone using TOMBOW’s #912 and 913

4. My favorite lip color to use which brings a softness – not too pink and not too fleshy is TOMBOW’s #772

5.  Now it’s color time fun! Using the green, I first do TOMBOW’s #173 and then shade with #245.  The pink shirt is #723

6. To add hazelnut colored eyes, I used TOMBOW’s #243 which is like a sea green and then overlapped the color with #912.
I added some blues using #476, 452 and then used TOMBOW’s #055 to color the name and outlined with magenta #725.

7. When it comes to coloring hair, I like to go from light to dark to add depth. So, I used TOMBOW’s #912, then stroked
layers using a darker tone #969 .

8. Finally, I used the darkest brown which is TOMBOW’s #879 and filled in the hair. Drew again to show depth using #N15

Voila! That is one of my many techniques when doing artwork. If you are interested in purchasing these markers go visit