Caricatures, Mexican Folk Art and More!

The month of May has been a busy one for me! I recently drew some fabulous folks from the EAO – Behind Every Leader conference and it was a HUGE SUCCESS! I would like to thank CEO Victoria Rabin for her kind invitation and to all who stopped by to get themselves drawn. Check out the photos here on my FaceBook page and “like” it  BEHIND EVERY LEADER CONFERENCE


CEO Victoria Rabin and I

Recently I went to Mexico City and had a great time checking out amazing folk artwork. I love the bright bold colors and patterns in Mexico and their celebration for the dead is amazing. Don’t you find these works inspiring? This sort of paper-mache art was originated by artisan Pedro Linares who dreamed of being in a forest where he found creatures that accompanied him in his journey and heard a group of people say the word “alebrijes.” Examples of “alebrijes” can be seen here with the dragon and chihuahua photos below. These are not just created manually to mold glued paper into desired shapes but also vibrant paint colors are used to craft the imaginative and surreal sculptures that I personally love and adore.

MexicoCityAnd up and coming! I will be drawing FREE caricatures at my local school where I sub at called PS 84 to help raise funds. I will be there Saturday June 6th from 11am to 1pm so stop by if you are in the Williamsburg Brooklyn area. I look forward to hearing from you and enjoy the day!


Behind Every Leader

Happy Month of May everyone! I have some exciting things to share with you! A few years ago,
I met via FaceBook the lovely Victoria Rabin who is the CEO of Behind Every Leader –
a production by EAO – Executive Assistants Organization. Being a fan of my caricatures, Victoria asked me to come meet their members and draw them at their upcoming evening gala.
The conference will be held in NYC from May 21st to May 22nd and I will be drawing guests
Thursday evening May 22nd from 5:30pm to 8pm.  I’m so looking forward to meeting so many amazing people! One of the folks whom I look forward to meeting is Ms. Victoria King who is the EA to Oscar Winning Actress Julianne Moore! Behind Every Leader has a local chapter throughout the USA and Globally!


IMG_9196IMG_8787EAO is a great
that helps executive assistants
become the best they can be at their craft and they offer crucial support to help members be the best they can be. If you know of someone who can benefit from this, sign up quickly!
See the above link for more information.
I will also be announcing more events coming up in June. Until then, wishing you all a wonderful upcoming Memorial Day weekend!

Bubbly Fountain Sodas and Babies

This past month has been busy for me! I had a great time drawing caricatures for a wonderful family celebrating their baby’s first birthday party! If you are ever in Brooklyn and want to grab an old fashion fountain soda and ice cream, stop on by at Brooklyn Farmacy for a real treat!
When was the last time you had a really amazing rootbeer float? 🙂 Happy Spring!




Spring Flower Show at Macy’s

Spring is finally here! Yesterday I helped celebrate the spring season by drawing caricatures for Macy’s at their Flower Show in Philadelphia, PA. The event was a huge success and there were lots of smiling faces happy with their portraits! If you are in the Philadelphia area, please stop by to check out their beautiful flower displays which are gorgeous to look at! The show is until April 4th right before Easter Sunday. Enjoy the photos!
For more information go to 


IMG_8965IMG_8972 IMG_8968IMG_8944

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today I am wishing you a day of self-love. Why not be your own Valentine for today? Pamper yourself to do something special! Whether or not we are in a relationship with a special someone or not, taking the time to love ourselves will always matter. YOU MATTER!


At times I still struggle with this but each day I see it as an opportunity to be kinder to myself

Today my sweetheart and I are going to learn Transcendental Meditation which is a method to  to calm anxiety, depression, get focus and clarity and more energy. I’m super excited to learn this practice! So today I am wishing each and every one of you a full day of love and peace! <3



Happy Holidays!

I love this time of year – it’s a time to reflect back on what was accomplished in 2014. I was able to travel to Sydney & Melbourne Australia, Puebla Mexico, and of course see my in-laws in France.This year I was also able to push myself out of my comfort zone and try new things, go to new places and of course still create art! My latest project has been creating jewelry which I have never done before and I have a much deeper appreciation for folks who make jewelry! You can see my pieces here at

While I still am setting out goals for 2015, I do know that the more we are true to ourselves, our inner source and wisdom will guide us in the right direction! I have learned to listen from within and to trust my intuition in this noisy media-crazed society we live in. I have learned that there are no mistakes in life, just bumps in the road to help us point us in the right direction. As the lovely Oprah Winfrey said, “You have to know what sparks the light in you so you can illuminate the world in your own way.”

What will you be doing this holiday season? I will be off to California to visit my family and celebrating this fantastic year full of love and deep growth. I wish you much love, joy and peace this holiday season!

Sending you all big hugs, Cathy xo

Happy Halloween!


vampire2Halloween is one of my favorite holidays of the year because it is a time to get creative with costumes, treats, tricks and pumpkins! I love this time of celebrating autumn and seeing the leaves change. This Halloween I will be in upstate New York to see over 5000 Jack-O-Lanterns exhibited at Van Cortland Manor called The Blaze. I am excited to see what other artists have created! Meanwhile I have been busy creating new work and getting inspiration from my travels. Please do stop by to see my refreshed website at HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

The World Needs More Love

Last night I went to Middle Collegiate Church to hear Marianne Williamson speak. Her books are amazing and I had just finished reading The Divine Law of Compensation. She spoke about how we all need to come from a place of love which is the antidote to fear and it can start from ourselves deep within.

The time is NOW – to make a difference in this crazy world we live in. By remembering who we are and helping to remind each other who we are we tap into the power of our own light and do not need to be afraid of the darkness. We really are powerful beings. Our work Marianne says is to work through our fears and the thoughts that produce those fears.

The blessing of love in me blesses you – I’m only here as an instrument of love and I hope you feel my love through my art. I encourage you to find a way to express your love so we can all make a difference in this world.

Decide on love and have a great weekend!




Elevation to a New Level

A few weeks ago I was invited to attend Tiffany Peterson’s weekend seminar called Elevation 2014. I was drawn to going because Tiffany had worked in sales for top selling mentors The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People author Stephen Covey, Chicken Soup for the Soul author Jack Canfield and Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki. Her philosophy is to connect with your authentic self, tap into your heart and find your own purpose in life. Do what you love to do and serve others doing it and the money will follow. The weekend was amazing! I learned to believe in myself more, to take more risks and that the more true to who we are, the universe will provide guidance and lead us in the right direction. While I am still seeking clarity, I do know that I love doing my art and making people happy. We must learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable in order to stretch and grow. If you would like to elevate your own business and personal development, please check out and




What a great event yesterday! From drawing Captain America to the next doctor at John Hopkins University it was a great time to create art and smiling faces! Wishing you all a great weekend and enjoy the photos! Cathy
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