Drawing NYC Chef David Burke on a BRICK!

So a week ago my friends and I had a mini-girls reunion on the Upper East Side’s Tavern 62 restaurant owned by famed chef David Burke. One of our friends knew the executive chef there, Ed Combs and he was kind enough to introduce us to his boss! Little did we know that we were going to have such a great time talking to Chef Burke and eating such great amazing food! One of the decors at his restaurant are these amazing himalayan salt bricks that with a sharpie pen folks can draw on. Well, I just could not resist and had to insist on drawing him on such a unique surface! First time for everything, right? Well he loved it! 🙂 In the spirit of Thanksgiving stop by here at HELP USA and read about Chef Burke’s contribution to help homeless men become chefs!


Watch me in action here below! 


Wow! What a crazy week it has been for me. Are you still recovering from last week’s presidential election? I am too! I drew for ABC NEWS non-stop having so much fun interviewing folks on who they voted for and why. That included women for Trump, Texans for Hillary and even one Gary Johnson voter! I did not get home until about 4AM and was happy that the election is over.  Many of you are upset, sad and in disbelief that Donald Trump won. I hear you and understand your pain. However, let’s see if America can rise up to the hateful rhetoric, the hurtful comments and reach across to the other side to seek and understand one another. How can we “Make America Empathetic Again?” What can YOU do TODAY with kindness to someone and make their day a bit brighter? We may not be able to change folks who chose to display bigoted, ignorant behavior. However if we choose to diffuse such harshness and bitterness and start a dialogue with one another maybe that will start the path to healing in this country.  I thank ABC NEWS for having me illustrate for them and hope we can all heal from this turbulent, crazy election year and move on. Be sure to sign up for Sheryl Crow’s #MakeItShort petition as well here: www.change.org/makeitshort


Producers Matthew Wargo, me and David Miller


Warming up in the mini-Oval Office with Wishpoints CEO Grace Lee


My ONE and ONLY Gary Johnson supporter!


Retired NY Giants football player and media personality Michael Strahan


Drawing an old dear friend who came in from Singapore, Natalie VanderVorst


Interviewing folks live online for ABC NEWS

ELECTION NIGHT – Meet me at The White House!

Like many Americans, I am looking forward to ending fifteen months of mud-slinging, name calling and dirty politics! We are only a few days away from the presidential election. I invite you all to meet me at The Oval Office – White House Booth on election night in Times Square New York City! Stop by to get drawn with your favorite presidential candidate – Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump! ABC News and FaceBook Live will be partnering up together and I’m so excited to be part of this amazing event! Be sure to show up early and get ready to tell me who you will be voting for and why. I also want to hear your suggestions on how we all as Americans can “Make America Empathetic Again” as well as heal the country as a whole. I look forward to seeing you there. 

If you can’t make it – no worries! You can still watch online LIVE from either www.abcnews.com/live or from their FaceBook page https://www.facebook.com/ABCNews  See you there and make sure to get out and vote!!!


Will you be watching this evening?

Last week I drew the very first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for ABC News. A black car picked me up and we whisked away driving into Manhattan to their headquarters. I was very nervous and excited about drawing live the debate and capturing the main highlights of the event. Everything went off as a huge success!

The only time when I was off the air was when I began to draw President Bill Clinton hitting on Melania Trump. I know! I know! However as a cartoonist I’m supposed to be a bit edgy and push the envelope. I quickly corrected my error and continued doing my job drawing Trump and Clinton. What I found really amusing though is when Saturday Night Live did a family feud sketch of President Bill Clinton hitting on Ivanka Trump six days later! So I was on to something. 🙂



Anyways I loved the experience and the highlight was taking the escalators down with journalist George Stephanopolis who was intrigued by the number of times Trump was sniffling. Did you count?

So tonight is the Vice Presidential Debate between Mike Pence and Tim Kaine.  I’m honored to be drawing LIVE for ABC News again. Make sure you watch this evening at www.abcnews.com/live from 8:30pm to 11:00pm. Otherwise, you can join me at Pacific Station in Brooklyn located at 82 4th Avenue near Barclays Center! Come get drawn before the debate!

Will you be watching? abc-news

Trump verses Clinton

Tonight is the NIGHT! America’s first presidential debate is held tonight with over 100 million viewers expected to watch!  I am honored to be DRAWING LIVE the actual highlights and events at ABC NEWS HQ located in the heart of New York City.  So be sure to tune in this evening at www.abcnews.com/live from 8:30pm EST to 11pm EST to watch me draw Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and find out how Americans react to the debate!  Be sure to tune in this evening! The world will be watching and I look forward to seeing you there! Come join me tonight! 



Donald Trump debates Hillary Clinton




Doodles for Rotary International

thumbnail_YPS_logojAbout 25 years ago, this organization Rotary International changed my life. You see, back then I was a college student I had heard from a friend about the Ambassadorial Rotary Scholarship where you get to live abroad, study and speak to Rotary Clubs in the hosting country. Well, I competed for the scholarship and I won! Since I wasn’t able to get into an art school because I did mostly cartooning, I decided to study French in France. The College International de Cannes caught my eye and I was able to study there the whole year. My Rotary Counselor Guy LeMaire and his family were wonderful hosts whom I still visit to this day. Back in the day, I was assigned to speak to many clubs along the Cote D’Azur and explain as an ambassador how Americans live in the United States. The whole experience was an amazing opportunity which changed my life. I’ve been part of Rotary throughout my life and have made life long friends through the process.

So, when the Rotary District governor asked me to do doodles for their 5 + 5 Young Professionals Summit at Bear Mountain Inn Resort, I had to say yes! 🙂

The clubs from three districts were meeting with Rotarians and non-Rotarians to discuss how to improve Rotary International and keep its membership going. I was able to actively listen to comments, concerns and suggestions while capturing their words into images and illustrations that would be humorous yet memorable. Rotary International Director Dean Rohrs of District 5040 was so pleased with the artwork that she will be hopefully presenting the artwork to Rotary Headquarters! A picture is worth a thousand words!

What’s wonderful about illustrating at conferences and meetings is that visual images can help attendees contain the information learned or topics discussed. Would you be interested in having me illustrate at your next conference or session? Then get in touch! Send me an email at cathy@cathynolan.com or fill out this page HERE. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon!




Guess who made it on Thumbtack Spotlight?


What is Thumbtack? I discovered this gem of a website a few years ago where it’s a professional search engine for professionals like you who are seeking out certain skills from a talented pool of creative unique people. This website is a great way to find whatever your needs are – a photographer, magician, face painter, a caricature artist like me and much more! Read all about how I got started in this fun and crazy business right here by clicking on the image of me below. Happy reading!


Wedding Bliss Fun!

This past Saturday I had so much fun drawing the guests of Peter and Sheridan’s wedding! The party took place in my neighborhood at the beautiful Williamsburg Savings Bank in Brooklyn which used to be a bank but is now a venue used to host parties and events! The interior is so beautiful inside with its gorgeous domes and decor.I really enjoyed getting to know the other vendors and drawing the guests of the bride and groom. I love drawing newlywed couples because through my artwork I get to capture such a special moment in time for them! If you have an upcoming wedding, please keep me in mind to draw your guests! The special occasion was held at Weylin B. Seymour (www.weylin.com) and planned by Allison Sargent (www.allisonsargent.com)


Peter & Sheridan

The lovely groom with his beautiful bride


A Unique Way to Say Goodbye…


Every year, I have been honored to draw the retiring professors from Newark Academy – a school in New Jersey that teaches their students to be the very best that they can be. Teachers who also move on to other destinations also receive every year a unique parting gift – a framed caricature with a drawing of the school in the artwork.  I love this client and love the challenge of being able to draw these amazing teachers who have inspired so many young lives.


First I get notes from the clients and details about each person. Then I draw them in sketch concept mode.


Once the client approves the artwork sketch, then I do a tighter rending sketch. Afterwards I ink it in and color it using Tombow markers and Sharpies.

Should you need to say goodbye to a special colleague, why not get them something unique and  memorable like a framed piece or artwork of themselves? (Hint, hint!)




Whole Foods Fun and a WINNER!

A few weeks ago I had so much fun drawing these amazing employees at The Whole Foods Market NorthEastern Regional Office!

These guys are the ones IN CHARGE of all the Whole Foods Market stores in your area here in the NE of the USA!

I personally would like to thank Claudia Burke for having this amazing opportunityand who was such a joy to work with!

While drawing these folks many of them entered their business cards in my box to enter a chance to win a free colored caricature!












Thank you to all the Whole Food Market NE Regional employees for a wonderful day and for all of their hard work that they do for us shoppers!
I can’t wait for the Williamsburg Brooklyn Whole Foods to open up this summer of 2016!