Whole Foods Fun and a WINNER!

A few weeks ago I had so much fun drawing these amazing employees at The Whole Foods Market NorthEastern Regional Office!

These guys are the ones IN CHARGE of all the Whole Foods Market stores in your area here in the NE of the USA!

I personally would like to thank Claudia Burke for having this amazing opportunityand who was such a joy to work with!

While drawing these folks many of them entered their business cards in my box to enter a chance to win a free colored caricature!












Thank you to all the Whole Food Market NE Regional employees for a wonderful day and for all of their hard work that they do for us shoppers!
I can’t wait for the Williamsburg Brooklyn Whole Foods to open up this summer of 2016! 


The New ARKON mount for PERIARTISTS! Save 20% here

2016 is the year to get into live streaming and start telling YOUR STORY! As an artist
who loves to live stream my artwork, it is very important to have the proper tools for
your broadcasts. One of the companies that I love and use are ARKON MOUNTS. Based in
California, this company produces fantastic quality equipment for holding your cell phones
and tablets in your car, home or office! I love using my Arkon TW Broadcaster Dual Tablet
and Phone Desk Stand for Side-by-Side Streaming on iPad and iPhone (ModelTWBHD8TAB).

Photo on 4-15-16 at 12.27 PM #2

(Here I am holding up Model TWBHD8TAB)

What is up and coming? Well, this week the new model known as the HD8RV29 live stream phone stand is ideal for artists, chefs and crafters!
The Kitchen Desk Table Stand provides stable streaming or scoping from an iPhone or Android
phone on a kitchen counter, table, desk, workbench, or any other flat surface.


Artist Victoria Pavlov uses the new periartist desk stand (Photo credit: Arkon Mounts)

You can pre-order yours TODAY and use my 20% off coupon code below.
But hurry! This deal is only good until Friday April 25th!




When I moved to New York City over 17 years ago, I met one of my best friends Ron Mezile. He was my neighbor who lived upstairs with his then girlfriend at the time, (now wife!) Diane Hewitt and pet iguana, Ralph (who was a girl). Little did I know that over the years we would be the dearest and closest of friends. Ron is a VERY talented artist, sculptor and creates the most amazing three dimensional pieces that I have ever seen. I love his art pieces and his ability to create something out of steel, plaster, clay and iron amazes me. I am proud to be his friend and am SO EXCITED to announce that TONIGHT he will be on the History Channel airing at 10pm EST/ 9pm CST on the FORGE and FIRE show. Please watch my dear friend battle it out in blacksmithing and create an amazing sword. You won’t be disappointed and won’t want to miss this show! Here is Ron on the left with
another friend of ours Renato showing off their knives. After watching the show, you’ll be so INSPIRED and can BOOK HERE a 2-day knife making class with Ron but HURRY! Classes sell out quickly!


(Ron Mezile on tonight’s History Channel left with Renato Fava on the right)

In the meantime, for the little ones, please enjoy this FREE coloring sheet to enjoy! 


Scan 3

Valentine Love – Starts with Self-Love

So, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  I love this holiday because it reminds us all the

importance of self-love. If we can’t love ourselves then how can we love others and make a

difference in this world? We are all created to love and to be our best versions of ourselves!

Recently I was honored to do a BLAB with the amazing Catherine Storing of @StoringStyle and

we spoke about the importance of FACING YOUR BEAUTY. Yes, there is beauty within each

and every one of us! I love drawing people because I enjoy capturing their inner beauty

that I see inside of them and through my art help that shine through.

Watch the interview here by clicking on the photo of us below and enjoy!







Drawing Caricatures at Dick Blick’s Grand Opening Store in NYC!

The month of February has arrived! Look out for some February Fun! I love this month

because we celebrate Valentine’s Day, President’s Day and this year is Leap Year! 🙂

Recently I was honored to draw caricatures at Dick Blick’s Grand Opening Art Store located

here in NYC at their Union Square location. I had so much fun drawing their clients and their staff.

I also made an introduction to a young man explaining to him about what Periscope was! He loved it!






Celebrating a new livestream app, MeVee and Facing Your Beauty!

What a busy week! This past Monday I was honored to draw caricatures at the launch party of a new livestreaming app called MeVee!


MeVee was created by CEO Tomer Dicturel his team put together a wonderful new opportunity for all of you to make MONEY! What makes

this app different than Periscope is MeVee offers a lot more opportunities for YOU to get your brand and messaging out there. YOU get:

1.      Ad revenue sharing opportunities

2.     The ability to search for streams by keyword or hashtag

3.     Streams don’t disappear

4.     Streams can be shared on any social media platform

5.     Streams can be embedded into blog posts

6.     Viewers can comment from the web

For the upcoming SuperBowl 50, MeVee will be partnering up with Warner Moon and showcasing locker room and party scenes and 100% of the advertising revenue will go to St. Jude’s Research Hospital for Children!


 Kristen Fletcher of Fletch PR, me and Tomer Dicturel, CEO of MeVee

Then, I was honored to be interviewed by the lovely Catherine Storing of @StyleStoring on her Facing Your Beauty BLAB series!
We spoke about the importance of inner beauty, how I capture the essence of people in my artwork and how Catherine helps others shine through their style.

Watch the interview by clicking on the BLAB icon here:

12573050_10206773985722087_6298683479115840568_nCatherine Storing and her caricature drawn live on the interview

Periscope Summit Live San Francisco ReCap!

Periscope is one of my favorite live stream apps and I was thrilled to attend the recent Periscope Summit Live conference in San Francisco, California a few weeks ago.

The absolute highlight for me was meeting the CEO Kayvon Beykpour and his Periscope Team and give them my artwork framed for their office! They LOVED it!

Throughout the four days there were various panels from how to gain more followers, use Periscope for your small business and how to become a better storyteller.

Everyone who periscopes at the moment is still in the very early stages of how this app will be affecting brands and their businesses so it’s still not too late to download the app and as my friend Chocolate Johnny would say, “START THE BROADCAST BUTTON!”   I met some amazing Periscopers and had so much fun learning, scoping connecting and building great relationships.

The top five things that I learned from Periscope Summit Live were the following:

  1. Follow your Bliss and share your passion with others. Someone will be needing to hear your story and your passion will shine through as you share with others your gifts. Your story matters.
  2. Walk the talk and know what you are talking about. This will add credibility to your scopes and attract the right audience for you.
  3. Connect with your followers and ENGAGE with them. Ask them questions, where they are from and what they scope about. Treat them like friends and family and support them scoping as well
  4. Tell stories on your Periscopes about how you got into your business, why you do what you do, and who you are. People relate more to storytelling than being lectured to!
  5. Build your Periscope community by creating a #hashtag so that folks can find you once you go up live. This will help your branding strategy.

The Periscope team were present to answer questions and it was wonderful meeting them all. I was able to give a great talk about how to have FUN and be creative on your Periscopes with The PeriGirls.

You can download the FREE eBook HERE to gain more ideas and start having some FUN on your scopes!

The next SummitLive event will be in San Francisco, CA February 2017. Get tickets HERE

Now, Can you find me in this photo? 🙂 




Goodbye 2015 and Hello 2016!

Wow! So hard to believe that this year is now just about over. How was 2015 for you?

For me, this year has been about GROWTH

I have learned so much about myself, social media marketing and have met

some amazing people through my favorite app, Periscope!

Recently I drew an image for this amazing cause helping Anita Wing Lee

go cross country to raise awareness of the Syrian refugees. She will be

doing free meditation classes and bringing awareness to a great cause.

Earlier this year my husband Fred and I went to Kos, Greece where we

experienced first hand the refugees ourselves sleeping in tents. I was

moved by their stories and my artwork has been donated to this cause.

We are all interconnected as one and can do our part whether it’s being

kind to someone or donating as little as $5.00. Click on the image

below to go to the SoulFamFund’s website below:

To celebrate the upcoming new year, please enjoy this FREE downloadable coloring sheet to enjoy!

Happy New Year everyone! May 2016 be a year full of love and abundance for you!