5 Great Ideas for Developing a Creative Outlet

5 Ideas for Developing a Creative Outlet

Do you ever feel stressed, overwhelmed, or boxed in? Developing your creativity is a great way to break up the monotony of your daily routines, release frustration, or find more peace in your life.

In your search for your creative spark, you may discover talents you didn’t realize you possessed, new activities that bring fun and excitement into your life, and new ways to relax and rejuvenate.

Try these ideas for developing your own creative outlet:

  1. Delve into activities you know you like. What have you enjoyed doing in the past? Have you noticed that you have a knack for drawing, writing, painting, sewing, or making jewelry? Try some of the same things that have allowed you to be creative in the past.

    • If you aren’t sure about a particular creative outlet, start small. Avoid buying everything you need to really explore the new skill until you’re certain that you’ve found something you’d like to stick with. If you still feel a bit stuck then feel free to sign up for my FREE 5 DAY DOODLE CHALLENGE here!

    2. Take a class. If you can’t easily think of a creative outlet on your own, consider taking a class, seminar, or workshop. You can try a variety of different creative arts from basket weaving to painting, from photography to belly dance.

    • Check your local college campuses, arts and crafts stores and continuing education schools to find weekend workshops and evening classes that teach these activities. You can also sign up for my class Stick Figures 2 Faces right here starting Monday September 7th 2020.

    3. Write or journal. Writing and journaling can be a great creative outlet, whether you’re free writing about your day or putting your feelings into words in the form of poetry or song.

    • You don’t have to become a published author to use writing as a productive creative outlet. If expressing your feelings on paper feels good to you, just enjoy the process.

    4. Create gifts for others. Experiment with a myriad of different creative outlets by making things for the people that you love. Bake cookies, write a poem, draw a picture, paint pottery or handcraft a piece of jewelry for someone you care about.

    • Not only do these tasks allow you to use creativity to deal with feelings and emotions, but they also let you share a part of yourself with people who are important to you.

    5. Experiment with food. Whether you enjoy cooking, grilling, baking or candy making, you can experiment in the kitchen as a creative outlet. When you cook with feeling, you may be surprised with the results you create. You may find that you’re more successful in your cooking and baking ventures when emotion is an ingredient.

    • Share your creations with others. Regardless of whether you cook tasty meals or bake sweet treats, your gift recipients are sure to enjoy them. 

These ideas are just a starting point. There are plenty of other options for you to pursue on your own. Your unique creative outlet can be anything that you want it to be, as long as you get joy from it. Simply find something that brings you pleasure and use it as your creative outlet. If you do this, you can find joy and peace in every day.

If you are struggling to figure out what your creative outlet is, then get in touch with me and allow me to help you on a free consult call HERE!

Growing your business is like a growing a GARDEN

Running a business is very much like gardening.

You have a GREAT IDEA ! Now it needs to GROW.

You plant the seeds –

Set up a foundation

Define your core values and mission beliefs

Define your ideal client

What is their pain point?

How can your business help?

Nurture those seeds –

Research on your market

Set up a system to gain an audience / new clients

Are you nurturing your network?

What nourishment are you doing for your business?

Watering those seeds –

What is your business “thirsty” for?

A new strategy?

Marketing campaign?

A community of fans?

Prune the stuff that is not working –

What “weeds” need to be pulled from your business?

Do you need to hire help? Delegate to a VA?

Rid the parts that are not enabling your business to blossom

Celebrate your wins along the way!

What can you celebrate in your business today?

Did you land a new deal?

Gain a new client?

Launched a program or course?

Referred a few folks to help one another out?

Running a business will take time to grow just like a garden. May your business bloom and grow!

Why it’s important to C.R.E.A.T.E

Summer time is here and during a pandemic there is no better time than to C.R.E.A.T.E for yourself . 

What do I mean by C.R.E.A.T.E? I will explain…

C is for CLARITY. Getting clarity on what you would love to see yourself doing. What do you want to create for yourself? We all struggle at times with being foggy on our wants and needs but if you take the time to be still your higher self will guide you. Being clear on what you want to create yourself is the first step. Perhaps it is creating a new course, a new mindset, a new exercise routine the point is clarity will help you figure out what you truly desire for yourself.

R is for REALITY. We actually do create our realities and co-create with God / Source / The Universe whatever you want to call it. Once you get your clarity then what reality would you like to see for yourself? What is real is the present moment – not the past or the future but the NOW. So in this moment right now… what reality would you like to create for yourself? 

E is for Energy. When you put in energy into something what you focus on expands. What is your current energy feeling at this moment? If you are feeling low energy and uninspired to create then maybe you need to do more self care. Take a nap, meditate, do some reflection on why you aren’t feeling energize. When you DO feel energized and excited, then you KNOW that you are going to be creating some amazing things for yourself because you will be feeling aligned!

A is for ACTION. When you take small steps and apply action to what you desire to create for yourself, you will become more clear on what you desire to do. Action is the best way to fight off fears, limiting beliefs and taking small steps even if you aren’t sure of what you are creating for yourself eventually you will be lead to the right path. 

T is for tenacity. Rome was not built in a day but brick by brick, stone by stone and over a period of time the city was built. Whatever it is that you want to create for yourself – a new life, a new routine, a book, a dance, a piece of artwork be tenacious but also patient too! When you apply the action needed and when bumps come up in the road, do know that tenacity will help you get through those ups and downs of the creation process. One way to help you stay on point is to download my FREE PLANNER here. 

E is for EXCITEMENT. Get excited about the new possibilities that you will be able to create for yourself! Anything is possible when you put your mind to it and apply the hard work needed. Who are your cheerleaders? Who will be your best emotional supporters? Who will be the ones who will be also excited for you? Surround yourself with cheerleaders to help you stay excited during the creation process. 

If you need someone to cheer you on or help you get some clarity then book a free call HERE. 

Happy creating! 

How drawing can help you keep your Mental Sanity during COVID-19

May is mental health awareness month.

You have been stuck at home now since March. Perhaps right now you are feeling the cabin fever big time. Wearing a mask feels uncomfortable but it’s the new norm for now. Grocery shopping takes much longer now because besides the social distancing you end up spending another 30 minutes wiping down the items you just bought at the store before entering your home.

This pandemic can certainly take a toll on one’s mental health. This new norm and period of uncertainty can certainly cause anxiety and great worry. So what can you do for yourself to help you keep your mental sanity in check?

Start drawing.


Start drawing or as I like to call it – doodling.

When you give yourself permission to just draw as little as twenty minutes a day – doing random scribbles or doodling can help relax your mind and be focused on the present moment. There has been a lot of research based on this study and according to The Journal of American Art Therapy Association . Their research report found that just 45 minutes of creating artwork – drawing or painting – even if you feel you don’t have great drawing skills can really lessen your cortisol levels.


Well, the act of drawing / doodling forces your mind to focus on something else and not on your worries.. As you concentrate on drawing and on the lines you are creating, the act of drawing becomes like an act of meditation. Your mind goes elsewhere and helps calm the stress levels within you.

Art can also help you express your feelings that may be difficult to put into words. When you put the pencil to a sheet of paper it is like welcoming a blank canvas to not only help you express your thoughts but to also create your own visual language to showcase and help others understand what is going on within your inner being. Even if you have no idea on how to draw, I do teach adults on how to conquer their fears of drawing and help them enjoy the process of creating something out of their own hands by understanding the basics of drawing.

If you don’t have a clue on where to get started on drawing or need a few lessons on how then sign up for my DOODLE CHALLENGE HERE.

When was the last time you took a sheet of paper and just scribbled, drew circles and a few thick lines? Try it. Then create something out of those images into something that is unique, fun and expresses your feelings to help you cope with whatever you are dealing with at the moment.

Need help? Then be sure to sign up and I will be happy to nurture and guide you along the way. We are all in this pandemic together and I’m here for you! Click HERE to join me!



FEAR. 5 ways to conquer it

FEAR. 5 Ways to Conquer it

These are very uncertain times with the Coronavirus spreading around the earth and affect our every day lives. Every day is a gift to us all and how we choose to deal with FEAR can be quite unsettling. However, do take a deep breath and know that we will get through this difficult time. We are all in this together and know that you are going to be okay. Just take one day at a time. I’m writing to share with you all how to conquer FEAR in 5 ways.

1. Embrace the unknown.
2. Write your FEARS down.
3. Breathe through it.
4. Ask yourself what is the worst that could happen?
5. Create a support team around you.

Think of the health care workers and doctors who are on the front lines fighting to save lives and put yourself in their shoes. They are our heros. Send them all light and love and hang in there. We will get through this!

10 Steps to have a Major Influencer Career

Brendon Burchard

What I learned from Brendon Burchard’s INFLUENCER event

  1. Claim and Master Your Topic
    What are you excellent at? Maybe it is teaching or running a business or creating cool knitwear! Whatever your passions and expertise is that is something you need to claim for your fame! If you are feeling stuck on this then be sure to ask close friends and family members what they think you are a genius at!

2. Discover your Audience’s problems and ambitions
Your audience is your tribe that matches your vibe. Find out more
about them and don’t be shy to ask them questions such as:
What do you aspire to become?
What do you need help with?
What do you struggle with in regards to: life / biz/ work / family
By asking them questions you will get answers! If you don’t have an
audience then you can start building one by commenting on other
people’s posts or do online surveys. I like sites such as
www.surveymonkey.com or www.quora.com to send out questions
and get feedback and insight.

3. Define who you are and what messages you value
Don’t try to be like everyone else – there is only one YOU and who you
are matters! What defines you? What values do you believe in? What
makes you YOU? Find out your own unique messaging so that you
can share who you are and who you serve in order to help others.
If you are struggling with what your messaging should be for your
business then reach out to me HERE so I can help you.

4. Create a solution through a product or service
Use your life experiences to see what you can create to help your
ideal audience. Maybe you can create an online course and show
folks how to achieve something. Maybe it is a product to help make
others lives a bit easier or simpler. Perhaps you can coach folks on
how to break through some limiting beliefs. Whatever you decide
make sure you are taking that customer on a journey from A to Z with
your solution as the key to success!

5. Every week create a piece of content
Yes. Every week – just once a week. You can do a video or a livestream
or post on your blog / vlog channel. You can chop it up into different
clips and use for social media posts to help drive traffic to your website
and links. This will help you track the behaviors of your clients and
find out what their needs are.

6. Post and promote FREE content
Develop a schedule and a rhythm for it. Perhaps you have one big
piece of content and you can hire a team to chop it up for you and post
for you. You can go to www.upwork.com or www.fiverr.com to find
experienced folks to help you on this.

7. Create evergreen campaigns that sell your offerings all the time.
Automation is the key to having your freedom to help serve others
more. There are two modules in the industry of influencer marketing:
1 Launching every quarter (think of it like a garage sale) or
2 Evergreen funnels that you can tweak the price on with your offering
3 Most use email sequences to get clients interested and for follow up

8. Run Ads to Scale
You hear this all the time – to make money you need to spend money.
FaceBook and Instagram ads are the best way to get more reach out
there for your ideal client. Think of ads as printing more money for
you and as an investment in you and your business. Spend one dollar
in exchange to receive one dollar and one cent returns!

9. Get Promotional Partners
Success is always in the follow up. Do you ever go to a great conference
or networking event yet forget to follow up on all of those cool people
you’ve met? That is money down the drain! That person you just met
or a new customer can become a referral or an affiliate partner. Have
others help you reach your message to the masses! All you need to do
is just ask.

10. Focus on distinctions – what makes YOU different?
What makes YOU the only YOU in town? How are you different than
everyone else? Maybe you have to hire an agency to help you on your
radar. Once you get the details fine tuned on who you serve and why
you can be the best one to serve them then provide always excellent
customer care and service.

Thanks for reading this and if you have any questions, please just reach out! Wishing you a great day and you’ve got this! Cathy xo

Smashing the Plateau

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting David Shriner-Cahn, host of Smashing the Plateau and Co-Founder of the BestNetwork, which guides expertise-driven solopreneur business owners to save time and make more money. He helps entrepreneurs build consistent, stable, recurring revenue through coaching. We met at the NAWBO Small Business Bootcamp where we talked about the benefits of having a graphic facilitator at a conference or event.

Tune in HERE at minute 17:13 to hear how I help presenters and event planners like YOU stand out and shine with your amazing content and presentation in a fun unique way. Other great women entrepreneurs here who share their wisdom on great topics as well such as:
The importance of branding
How to build your community
How to capitalize your unique value
How to own your voice
The benefits of networking with like-minded people
The benefits of having a niche target market
And so much more!

Listen here to some golden words of wisdom from women entrepreneurs from NAWBO Small Business Bootcamp event held a few months ago. Interviewer David Shriner-Cahn interviews me on the importance of visual recordings at conferences and events along with other key takeaways to help your small business stand out and shine. Tune here below!


Today is Valentine’s Day – a day to celebrate LOVE. You do NOT have to be in a relationship with another to honor this day. This day is about celebrating YOU! The beautiful creative awesome person that YOU ARE!

I understand that this day can be tough for so many and kinda depressing. One of the best ways to get out of such a funk is to do something really kind for yourself – what is one thing today that you know in your heart will bring you joy from within? For me it is meditating and drawing. When I sit still for even just ten minutes I feel my heart expand and the calm within appears. We tap into our own divine inner source. When I draw, the flow of life source comes out and it brings joy to not just me but to others as well.

So if you are feeling a bit in a funk today – then go deep and ask yourself, what is one thing that I can do TODAY to love myself more? To bring joy to others? As Pope Francis once said, “The world tells us to seek success, power and money. God asks us to seek humility, service and LOVE.”

Caricature of Pope Francis

May the love of God be with you always as it is within ourselves. So today of all days, do something nice for not only yourself but for someone else. Go buy a cup of coffee for the person behind you at Starbucks. Smile at a stranger on the street. Donate your clothes to a charity. Mentor a child in need. Call up that old friend whom you haven’t spoken to in a while and say hello just checking in on you. Go for a walk today with your dog and say thank you to the universe for this beautiful day. Smile in the mirror and say,

Go on now… I dare you! You’ve got this! 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day


Happy New Year! Can you believe that it’s already near the end of January?

If you haven’t figured out your goals for this new year do NOT worry at all!
Many of us entrepreneurs are still figuring things out and still planning out what our goals are to accomplish this new year. It is still not too late peeps!

Recently I drew for Nina Kaufman who led a workshop on Courageous Liberation. What does that mean exactly? It means having faith and co-creating with GOD to in three easy steps to accomplish your main goals and getting unstuck when you hit an emotional rut. Believe me, I’ve been there.

So what do you really want to achieve for yourself this year? What do you want for yourself and your business? Your family? Your friends? Your life?
Write down at least one major goal you would like to see for yourself.

Step one is to RECOGNIZE or as I would say ACKNOWLEDGE that there is a greater power beyond our little human minds can see and picture. The universe / GOD can really work wonders beyond our imagination. Tap into the FEELING of how already accomplishing this goal would look like, smell like and feel like. Got it?

Step two is to CONNECT with that feeling of source. What IF you could get this goal achieved? What would the JOY of knowing that anything is possible if you trust the process and take small consistent baby steps everyday towards your desired goal? Make the effort to connect with your higher self. How do you do this? You can tap into your own inner wisdom by doing simple things such as: going for a walk, meditation, sitting with a cup of tea, just being in the NOW and in the MOMENT.  This will help you CONNECT within your HEART WISDOM. Desire is from the sire. Which means desire from the father aka God within.  

Step three is to DECLARE it or as I would say OWN it. Look into the mirror and affirm what you want to create in your life. What goals do you want to manifest in your life? Clam the powerful words I AM. You could be saying to yourself, “I AM living my life in faith. I AM making $100K a year. I AM loved by my true love. I AM powerful and creating the best year ever!” What I AM statements can you write down for yourself now? DM me and share with me your ideal goals for yourself!

If you want to have a workshop hosted more about this please get in touch with Nina Kaufman. In the meantime, feel free to sign up for my FREE Doodle Your Goals for 2019 eBook right below and share with me your goals! Let’s rock this year together and make great things happen for us!
Click HERE to get your free Doodle Your Goals GuideBook!

Doodle great things for yourself for the new year!

Women’s Educational Project

Recently I had the honor of drawing and meeting director and founder of the Women’s Educational Project, Zoe Timms. She runs this non-profit organization that has three schools in India:  Hyderabad, Telangana / Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh and Madurai, Tamil Nadu, South India. The mission of this organization is to assist women of limited means to liberate their inner spark: to become confident, educated, self-reliant and responsible citizens. Plus, they encourage young women to pursue a professional path and develop a fulfilling career of their choosing. I’ve been honored to illustrate several illustrations for their upcoming benefit which you are invited to on November 28th. The event will have a panel discussion on Building the Runway for Young Women to Enter the Global Workforce, which will focus on two issues of compelling importance: preparing young women for fulfilling careers in the global economy and creating a corporate climate that is welcoming, equitable and fair.  You can then share the impact of the event with me and I will be illustrating your thoughts and caricature on the Impact Wall.  Cocktails and Hors d’Oeuvres will be served. What a great opportunity to network and get inspired from great thought leaders. For more information click below on the WEP logo.


You can find all the details HERE so do check it out!