Beautiful Souls

Today I wanted to share with you an amazing experience I had the other day.

Recently I was hired to draw the residents of Richmond Community Center up in Yonkers, NY. Their special day was full of celebration to celebrate FUN FEST! These are a special group of people who have had special challenges in their lives and I was honored to draw them. While  I’ve been drawing people at parties and events for almost 30 years, I never had the opportunity to draw people who struggle to express themselves, communicate, or move physically. However, their souls do SHINE! These group of people were so endearing, so cute, so fun to talk to and showed me their fantastic smiles. They are truly a gift and it was such an honor for me to draw them!  If you would like have a unique gift with that special someone then contact me and I’ll be happy to connect! All you have to do is just click HERE: