My dear friend from high school got married a few weeks ago- as a gift I did this caricature of her and her fiance for their beach wedding. The wedding was at the Villa Sahita in Bali and I did the reading. Using photos, I did the sketch first, then filled out the background with pastels, used aqua colored pencils. To do the faces I overlap in different colors for the skin tones using yellow, pinks, then the flesh tones. A bit of bold marker to make it look brighter and finishing with black ink. This took me about two and a half days to do because it helps to step away from the art to really see it clearly. Of course, it’s a caricature so it is to resemble them but be a bit cartoony. However in my opinion the most important feature when drawing someone’s face is to capture the eyes – “the windows of the soul.” Of course, the bride and groom loved it!