Wedding Bliss Fun!

This past Saturday I had so much fun drawing the guests of Peter and Sheridan’s wedding! The party took place in my neighborhood at the beautiful Williamsburg Savings Bank in Brooklyn which used to be a bank but is now a venue used to host parties and events! The interior is so beautiful inside with its gorgeous domes and decor.I … Read More

A Unique Way to Say Goodbye…

  Every year, I have been honored to draw the retiring professors from Newark Academy – a school in New Jersey that teaches their students┬áto be the very best that they can be. Teachers who also move on to other destinations also receive every year a unique parting gift – a framed┬ácaricature with a drawing of the school in the … Read More

Whole Foods Fun and a WINNER!

A few weeks ago I had so much fun drawing these amazing employees at The Whole Foods Market NorthEastern Regional Office! These guys are the ones IN CHARGE of all the Whole Foods Market stores in your area here in the NE of the USA! I personally would like to thank Claudia Burke for having this amazing opportunityand who was … Read More