2012 – The Year of the Dragon

Happy New Year to you all! 2012 is going to be a great year for us all and it’s because it’s the year of the dragon! What does the dragon symbolize? In Chinese culture, the Dragon is to be a deliverer of good fortune and no one messes with this creature. Being a master of authority, the Dragon is a free spirit , colorful and flamboyant creature who commands big ideas, big dreams and big ambitions. This is to be a transformational life-changing year! 2012 will be a good year to improve oneself, take calculated risks and build wealth. The year 2012 holds a lot of great promise and may be a major transition in your life.

Every January most of us like to set goals and aspirations – whatever they may be, keep it simple.
Here are a few tips to keep focus and clear on your goals:

1. Tap into your hearts desire – what do you really want to accomplish this year?
2. Ask yourself what baby steps you can begin with towards that one goal? Make a list of 3 small steps.
3. Surround yourself with positive people who can cheer you on bit by bit and ask them to hold
    you accountable via Twitter, Facebook, email or a phone call.
4. Check in with yourself once a week to see what step(s) you were able to acheive. Reward yourself!
5. If you weren’t able to achieve it, ask yourself why and regroup and reassess – but don’t be so hard
    on yourself-Rome was not built in a day!

Here’s wishing you a wonderful year full of abundance and success! Cathy xo